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Premarital Coaching

This program is designed around you, utilizing a detailed and effective premarital assessment to explore how each partner contributes their distinct qualities to the relationship. Through these sessions, delve deeply into your relationship dynamics and lay the groundwork for a strong and enduring marriage. Embrace the opportunity to understand each other on a profound level and build the foundation for a lifetime of love and partnership. Your journey towards a resilient and fulfilling marriage begins here.


Session 1


In our first session, we'll establish rapport and discuss our expectations for the upcoming premarital coaching. I'll guide you on completing the premarital assessment, due five days before our next session. This assessment will aid in tailoring our coaching sessions to meet your specific goals. 

Session 4

Dynamics: Love, Attitude and Communication

This session will delve into how each partner expresses and receives love, recognizing the uniqueness and beauty in each of your interpretations of love. We'll then focus on the role of attitude in marriage, emphasizing personal responsibility for happiness and the importance of adaptability. Finally, we'll address communication as the vital element sustaining a strong marriage, highlighting the significance of mutual understanding even in disagreement.

Session 2

Mindset | Wellbeing | Social Support

In this session, we'll delve into your attitudes towards marriage, recognizing the significant influence it has on your relationship's trajectory. We'll focus on the individual well-being of each partner and the overall health of your marriage. Additionally, we'll explore the importance of social support and how understanding the practical aspects of your combined worlds can prevent emotional collisions in your relationship.

Session 5

Dynamics: Gender, Conflict, Spirituality
Launching Life Long Love

Get In our final session, we'll delve into gender dynamics, exploring how understanding the differences between men and women, alongside unique personalities, can significantly impact the success of a relationship. Conflict, an inevitable aspect of relationships, will be discussed with an emphasis on using disagreements to deepen intimacy. Individual spirituality will be explored, acknowledging the soulful longing for spiritual meaning in the bond between partners. Lastly, we'll reflect on the insights gained throughout the coaching experience and discuss practical ways to apply them for a lifetime of love together..

Session 3

Finances | Roles & Expectations | Personality Dynamics

In our third session, we'll address the significance of your financial skills and attitudes towards money as integral components of your marital context, aiming to prevent conflicts over finances. We'll explore your marital expectations, shedding light on the unconscious roles learned from your family of origin. Lastly, we'll explore the dynamics of your personalities, emphasizing the importance of understanding and appreciating both the similarities and differences between them.

The assessment offers a comprehensive premarital tool to enhance relationships. With a focus on Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS), it provides personalized insights into communication, conflict resolution, and individual values. This tool empowers couples by identifying strengths and growth areas, fostering deeper understanding. Benefits include improved communication, strengthened emotional intimacy, and a solid foundation for a lasting marriage. Features encompass tailored assessments, expert guidance, and practical resources, making it an invaluable investment in building a resilient and thriving partnership.


“Pastor Brandon Moser's premarital coaching was a wonderful experience for us. He helped us to build a strong foundation for our marriage and helped prepare us to navigate any challenges that arose. We are grateful for his wisdom and guidance and highly recommend him to any couples preparing for marriage."

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