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At the core of my mission is a deep commitment to fostering resilient, passionate, and unshakeable marriages. I don't just talk the talk—I've walked the walk, celebrating 25 years of wedded bliss with my incredible wife, Shay. Our journey has weathered job losses, cross-country moves, financial strain, emotional challenges, and family strife, yet our marriage has stood strong. We've not only embraced the breathtaking highs but found immense beauty in navigating the storms together. Our foundation is unyielding, capable of withstanding any challenge life throws our way.

Shay and I are grateful for the blessings in our marriage, but maintaining its strength has required intentionality. As children of divorced families, both of us have navigated decades of painful aftershocks and absorbed the enduring consequences that are often absorbed by the children of divorce - long into their adulthood. The impact of failed marriages is not an abstract concept for us; it's something we've intimately felt. In my role as a pastor, I've directly witnessed the struggles that many adults face, frequently rooted in the challenges of growing up in a broken family. While I have been fortunate to experience the incredible highs of marital bliss, I've also experienced the heart-wrenching, life-altering effects and emotionally damaging hurt that occurs when a married couple calls it quits.


With a lifelong commitment to ministry, I started as a youth leader in my teens and progressed into pastoral roles. In these capacities, I've stood alongside couples enthusiastically embarking on the journey of marriage, and other couples who were sadly contemplating its end. As a certified premarital coach, my approach involves a meticulous individual assessment, tailoring sessions to enhance how individuals relate within a relationship. Currently leading a marriage ministry within a group-based church setting, my focus is on reigniting stagnant marriages and breathing new life into those on the brink of demise.

Beyond the professional and ministry realm, I'm a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic—my marital assessment can attest to that. Yes, I'm the guy secretly shedding tears during romantic comedies because, at heart, I find sheer joy in witnessing love flourish in healthy, passionate relationships.

Oh, and I've been a devoted Phoenix Suns fan since 1978. So, if you're a Lakers fan, I may have to charge you extra.

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